The Wheel of the Year

 Our inseparable relationship to Mother Earth is nowhere more beautifully represented than in the Wheel of the Year.  The Wheel of the Year is an ancient and sacred ritual calendar marking the Earth’s changing seasons and the Sun’s never-ending journey across the sky.  This extraordinary calendar was begun by Witches in pre-Christian, proto-Celtic times and is observed by Witches today in its modern form.  Each event marks a significant moment of change in the Earth and is rooted in one of the eight lunar and solar festivals of the ancient Celts.

~ Celebrate the Earth by Laurie Cabot

Our scheduled celebrations:

Friday 2/2/18 ~ Imbolc

Saturday 3/17/18 ~ Ostara

Friday 4/27/18 ~ Beltane

Saturday 6/23/18 ~ Litha

Saturday 7/28/18 ~ Lughnassadh

Saturday 9/22/18 ~ Mabon

Saturday 10/27/18 ~ Samhain

Saturday 12/22/18 ~ Yule