Cabot Witch's Way

Rules Witches Live by:

The Law of Three:

Everything that you do, say or think goes into the universe and manifests to one degree or another.  This will come back to you three fold.

For the good of all:

Everything that we majickally project goes out into the universe.  We always ask that our majickal projections be correct and for the good of all.

Giving Back:

It is important for us as Witches to participate in and give back to our community.  Our Temple participates in such ways as: planting gardens for our city, collecting food for shelters, toy drives for the Salem Children’s Hospital, supporting the Wolf Sanctuary in Colorado, performing psychic healing without accepting payment, working psychic crime cases with law enforcement.

Finding our Path:

We in the Cabot Tradition do not believe in programming our children to be Witches.  Children may grow up in a family of Witches but, they are allowed to study all religions and decide for themselves what their religious path should be.  We do not recruit our children just like we do not recruit others.

There are many paths to enlightenment and spirit.  No one is the only way.  Cabot Witches respect the paths of others, including Witches that practice in different ways form our tradition.

Living as a Witch:

What a correct Witch should live by to the best of their abilities

Integrity; Morals; Compassion; Understanding; Passion; Ethics; Psychic Balance