Rev. Laurie Cabot H.P.s Founder's Mission

The Cabot-Kent Hermetic Temple, the first federally recognized Temple of Witchcraft in the history of Salem, Massachusetts, has a trio of principles that are at the core of its mission:

    • A focus on the teaching of Witchcraft as a science to students from all over the world.
    • The betterment of this world and the lives of those who reside upon it through the holistic application of the art of Witchcraft.
    • The active ministering of our Priestesses and Priests who guide individuals in the world community seeking to empower and transform themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Carrying the ancient traditions of our ancestors into the far future, we seek to do more. We seek to disseminate our philosophy and science to a wider audience in order to increase social harmony, reducing existing religious disparities in our local communities and beyond.

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